Aug 13

Open Board of Directors position


Pro Vintage Racing is looking to fill a board of directors position. The term would fill a one year vacancy.


Accepting candidates thru Aug 19th at 7pm.


Those interested please email


Thanks PVR staff

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  • In the past we have had several ways and styles to add and keep track of points. It was left up to whoever stepped up and did the work. Most races ,cars,bikes etc award points for everyone who makes the final. Pvr has had the habit of awarding 0 points to dnf in the final. I find this odd and always have as a driver who stays home gets the same points as a person who burns down in the final. I would like to see something awarded to any drivers who makes the final but gets a dnf. Maybe only 1 point but being there has to mean something . A driver who attends a race and makes the show should get more than somebody whos not there at all . Just my opinion, fire away .
  • I just turned 17 and I have no experience with racing. I can’t afford it and no one will take me to go karting. I’m saving money right now and planning on go karting soon. Is it possible to reach professional starting at this age? Are there any pro racers who started late? And how did they get there? Is it a risk if I splash out all my money just to get some experience? 9Apps APK Cartoon HD APK
  • Are we allowed to post "For Sale" stuff in this section ? Don't see a classified forum section any more on the new site. Tried to post on ICE OVALS facebook group - Admin told me rejected because RELIC MOD single isn't a big enough ISR class to post - Seems only Champ and 120 stuff is worthy.